"Better Posture Program" by Liisa Hämäläinen

“We are as old as our spine”, a famous phrase from the father of Pilates, Joseph Pilates. In our posture lies our whole being and life energy. 

This is why I share with you this unique program that will help you improve your posture, mobilize and strengthen your core, back and shoulders!

Let me introduce myself

My name is Liisa Hamalainen. I am a former principal ballerina of Les Ballets de Monte Carlo and a STOTT Pilates Instructor. I have over 25 years of movement behind my shoulders and now I share my knowledge, guidance and help other people to move and reach their physical goals. 

I like to inspire people to move and to share the joy of being active. “Life is movement! “

10 videos that will guide you and make you achieve your perfect posture!

Content of the program

I share my top tips and advice to help you further on your "better posture" journey

Base of the Workout & My best tips based on my professional experience

  • Breathing exercices
  • Deep core connection with an Imprint and neutral
  • Ribcage connection
  • Neck and head posture adjustment
  • Scapulae and upper corset

8 workouts videos that will help you improve your posture

  • Mobility & Strength exercices
  • Increase the range of movement in the spine and the upper body
  • Use of stretches to release the tension in shoulders and neck
  • Focus exercices on the core muscles that support our spine and posture
  • Find the full control and fluidity of your body


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